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Welcome to Design 108!


Over the last year and a half, I have been having so much fun making books! Blurb even selected "Cooking Everyday Ocassionally" for internal advertising and in turn paid for the printing of the second cookbook, "Cooking Everyday Ocassionally, Again." It will be uploaded to the website soon.

In the next three months, I will be adding yet another book to the website. Its called "The Parson's Table" which is part culinary adventure, part family history. Though recipes and photographs are still being collected, I am sure this new book will be stunning.

New to the website is a link in which recipes can be uploaded to the site. This is making it easier to submit recipes from multiple family members, collecting all relevant information for a potential cookbook. So far this has worked out quite well, gathering pictures, recipes, information and stories from far flung places. Just click on the red bell pepper on my homepage to check it out.

Overall, things are going quite well. Hope you're peachy too!